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Hi5 Dating


Dominant Members Age 25 - 34
Mobile Friendly Yes
Female Rate 39%
Price $9.99
Our Overall Score

Hi5 is a dating platform that has website since 1996 and won the hearts of 1.5M users in last year. 1M men and women visit site here monthly, and the overall gender mix is about 39% women to 61% men. In case you wonder if ladies are communicative here, here are approximately 35K girls online. The average age of users is 25 - 34.

The site is mobile-friendly, it has friendly supports and offers such payment options as PayPal,Maestro,Skrill,Credit Cards,Visa,Payoneer,Mastercard,Visa Credit,Square. The starting price is $9.99.

Hi5’s team does big job to keep the level of fraud low, so we rate the platform this high: 2.26/10.

Main Features

  • Tasteful design and layout
  • Lots of special features for a fun, interactive means of contact
  • Design is very similar to the desktop version
  • No fake profiles
  • Matching is based on the quality compatibility surveys

Pros & Cons

  • Despite being an adult site, profiles do not feature pornographic content
  • Verification is done via face authentication
  • There are about 55 thousand visitors at the service
  • No personal information sheet needed to be filled out
  • Initiating chat is free for some members
  • 100% Free Account for Women
  • Personality test can't be repeated
  • Special contacting features are only for premium members
Hi, my name is Samson Krajcik, and my parents are Slovak, so I know a lot about relationships with Eastern European women. I have a degree in journalism and call myself a communicative person who finds inspiration in socializing with others.