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What Is bestmailorderbride.org And How We Make Our Reviews

Our team

working team

bestmailorderbride.org is a team of young enthusiasts who are fond of international dating. We know everything (or almost everything) about foreign online dating services and about how to find good websites. We’ve spent hundreds of hours searching for good platforms with Asian, Latin, and European girls — and we are sure that you do not need to waste your time to find these platforms. This is why we have created bestmailorderbride.org — to help American men find their love online. Continue reading to find out how we do our work!

Our monetization strategy

We offer no paid subscriptions or paid features to our users. Every article, guide, and top list of the best dating services on this website is available for free. What’s more, there is no additional cost for our users who buy anything through our links — the price for you will always be the same as the price for the users who’ve found a dating site through Google. We monetize bestmailorderbride.org it in another way — by receiving advertising compensations from the dating websites. In simple words, it works like that: you read our reviews, use our link to open a dating website, sign up, and buy credits on it. After that, the dating site pays us a commission for your actions. It’s 100% free for you and these commissions don’t affect our reviews. The only thing that can be affected is the order in which the dating sites are presented in our ratings.

Our reviews: How we make them

It’s very simple, actually — our team consists of designers, sociologists, web analytics, and writers who do everything to provide you with relevant information. We test the websites ourselves, we check every detail, from the number of users to the mobile-friendliness of the site, and, what’s more important, we don’t forget about the reviews after posting them. It means you will never find any outdated facts or numbers on bestmailorderbride.org — we always update the reviews to make them even more useful and relevant for our community.

Reviewing a dating platform: What we review and what we test


It’s about unique users and engagement: these two metrics work perfectly if you need to evaluate the popularity of any website. We analyze these metrics with such services as SimilarWeb and SEMrush to get the right numbers. We believe that a good dating site must have thousands of unique daily users and thousands/tens of thousands of members — but unfortunately, some dating services try to confuse their customers by providing them unreal numbers (like, some services claim they have millions of users, which is often far from the truth). Our team finds the real numbers, but as we’ve said, it’s not just about numbers. It’s also about engagement — the frequency (how often does an average user visit a dating site) and the duration of visits (how much time does an average user spend on this site). A high-quality dating service must have a large visit duration and high frequency, and we analyze all the possible data to find only high-quality dating websites.

Trustworthiness and reputation

Reputation is probably the most important factor to evaluate when it comes to choosing a good dating website. We analyze the reputation of the dating services using such services as Trustpilot and Influenster. That’s how we make sure that real users are satisfied with a certain site — our sociologists collect the data and provide our readers the full info about the strong and weak sides of every dating website according to the reviews written by real customers.

Interface of the website

A good dating site must have an intuitive interface. Our creative team of designers evaluates how easy it is to use the site and how well it works on mobile devices. They perform all the necessary testing, so only the sites with really intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces can get to our top lists.

Quality of women’s profiles

Another simple thing here: a good site must have good women’s profiles. When we say “good” we mean “profiles with interesting bios and lots of photos” as well as “profiles that respond quite fast”. We analyze the accounts on every dating site to make sure you will not have to deal with empty female profiles or with women who don’t even respond to your messages.

Customer service

That’s the last factor to analyze and it’s quite simple, too. We always contact the customer support specialists to evaluate the speed and the quality of their work — we are sure that if you have problems, these problems must be solved as soon as possible.

It would be great if our work helps you! Check out our reviews and choose the websites on your taste within a few minutes: all the most important information is already processed for you and your convenience.

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