Brad Browning

Brad Browning

Editor in Chief

Brad Browning is a breakup & divorce coach and a best-selling author. Although he lives in Vancouver, his articles and videos are known worldwide. Brad helped thousands of couples from multiple spots of the globe to reverse divorces and fix broken relationships.

Brand’s career basket is full of achievements. He is the author of two effective relationship-oriented programs such as The EX Factor and Mend The Marriage. The former is created for those who want to get their ex back. The latter is focused on returning to a romantic mood and mutual understanding in a dying marriage. Brad Browning also works as a personal coach. He guides his clients through the process of enhancing a potential partner and/or restoring a marriage on the brink of divorce.

Aside from running his own Facebook channel and website, Brad is a popular YouTube vlogger. He shares his knowledge and experience about relationships in an interactive and convenient way. Recently, Brad Browning has contributed his knowledge in a dating niche. He writes about international dating and the peculiarities of cross-cultural relationships. His articles include only relevant information and are always to the point.

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